First Time Jitters

Sweaty hands, heart pounding, shortness of breath!  No, I am not sick, I am just writing my first blog.  This has been a goal of mine for two years but I never knew what to blog about.  So when I saw this blogging opportunity, giving me topics, I was all in!  BUT…. my fear about blogging is still here.  The thought of my words out in the cyber-world is frightening.  Put me in front of a group of people (big or small) and I am great, but make me write and the fear is real!
I have attended several technology conferences where the presenters have told me I should be blogging and so should my students.  The student part was easy.  I went right back to my classroom and said you are now going to blog!  Did I know what is was?  Not really.  Did my students?  Not really, but they did it anyway.
I wish I could say I used this as a class learning opportunity, to go out and find blogs to read.  Sadly, the resesrch was left for me to do at home. It turns out that blogs are blocked by my district’s filters.    I found several blogs to use as examples for my class.  I also found blogs that met my needs as a teacher.  The two that I read the most are; Alice Keeler and Catlin Tucker.  Keeler’s blog provides me with great information on Google Classroom and Tucker’s blog has helped me with the crafty integration of technology into my classroom.
What is my goal?  The simple one is working on my own writing skills (in public, yes I could be a little crazy).  The second reason is to do and experience what I am asking my students to do.  Finally  along the way if  I can share something to help someone else that would just be the icing on the cake

3 thoughts on “First Time Jitters

  1. Hi Karen

    Welcome to the Edublogs Club!

    There is quite a few like yourself in the Club and most of them have expressed similar fears. I think knowing others face similar helps – I know it does for me? Also experiencing what you are asking students to do is important. Each of us faces different challenges and being exposed to those challenges, even if it can feel uncomfortable, helps us better support our students.

    Are all blog platforms blocked by your District filters?


    • All of the blogging platforms that I know of are blocked. The only way I can be on my blog at school is to use a double secret password. So for my students it is not possible. Last year EasyBlog worked for a couple of months but then it was blocked. Right now my students use See Saw. It it working fine for my classroom purposes. They can read and comment on each other’s posts.

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